Our Story & Mission


Namasté Laboratories was founded in 1996 by Gary Gardner. This company was founded to address the health-conscious, multi-cultural consumer market.


Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil launches first product - Olive Oil Créme


First out-of-home billboard ad is posted. After the success of Olive Oil out-of-home, billboards and transit became part of media mix each year following.


First ORS Olive Oil commercial spot airs featuring Built-In Protection Relaxer.


Organic Root Stimulator name change to ORS and expands product offering to include its first natural hair styling line, Curls Unleashed.


Namasté celebrates its 20th Anniversary.


#NoStereotypes Campaign Launches. #NoStereotypes is an empowerment movement to encourage women of color to embrace who they are, and share unapologetically with the world. We believe Beautiful Hair Comes in All Types. Not Stereotypes.

For Your
Hair Journey

To meet the unmet needs of the health-conscious, multi-cultural consumer with new and natural solutions. To use only the highest quality of natural ingredients in our products. To be positioned as natural healing for the hair, skin, and body. To be based on a philosophy of quality, performance, and integrity.

The ORS Difference

ORS™ (formerly Organic Root Stimulator™) is a leader in the ethnic hair care market. Trusted, true and the “original,” our hallmark is exceptional quality, performance and integrity – qualities which we employ to develop and deliver the best products for relaxed and natural hair.

Namasté Laboratories is dedicated to identifying holistic, innovative remedies for the healing and renewal of hair, skin and body. This philosophy has made us a leader in natural, therapeutic health and beauty aids. Namasté has developed a unique range in such categories as: hair and scalp restoration, therapeutic, chemical reformation, styling aids, and hair and scalp maintenance.These products respond to the consumer’s demand for natural products that really work. Unlike most products that are cosmetic in nature, ORS™ actually delivers on its promise of natural healing and protection. Hair and scalp are revitalized to a healthy, wholesome condition.